Articles on God's Word

Authorized King James Version

The Bible, the Word of God. Author unknown
The Bible's Proof. David Cloud
Biblical Inspiration. David Cloud
A Creationist's Defense of the King James Bible. Henry Morris PDF
The Doctrine of the Scriptures. William Evans PDF
Inspiration of the Bible. William Evans PDF
The Lord Has Preserved His Word. J. Cammenga PDF
Ten Reasons Why I Believe the Bible... R. A. Torrey
What Every Christian Should Believe About the Bible. William Evans
Why the King James Version? Charles V. Turner
Why We Use the King James Version of the Bible. Richard Flanders
The Wonder of the Book. Dyson Hague; edited by Stephen Ross

Bible Reading/Memorization/Study

Benefits of Systematic Bible Study. Samuel Ridout
Bible Marking. D. L. Moody
Careful & Consecutive Reading of the Scriptures. George Müller
Daily Bible Reading. Samuel Ridout
Dispensational Study. Samuel Ridout
Faithful Sayings in the Bible. Stephen Ross
Hints for General Reading for the Christian. Samuel Ridout
Hints for Reading the Bible. N. A. Woychuk
Methods of Bible Study. R. A. Torrey
Memorizing Scripture. Samuel Ridout
Memorizing the List of Bible Books. Samuel Ridout
Ninety Hard Words in the Bible. Rick Flanders
Prayer in Connection with Bible Study. Samuel Ridout
Reasons for Memorizing Scripture. Stephen Ross PDF
Scripture Memorization Program. Stephen Ross
Ten Tips for Daily Bible Reading. David Cloud
Why Read the Bible? Franklin Huling

Family Helps

Family Bible Time. Al Troester
Scripture Memorization Program. Stephen Ross

Modern Bible Versions

Bible Doctrines Affected by Modern Versions. Paul Freeman
Bible Version Comparison. Terry Watkins.
Emergence of Neo-Fundamentalism: One Bible Only? Jeffrey Khoo
The English Standard Version. Trinitarian Bible Society PDF
Modern Bible Versions are Dangerous! M.H. Reynolds, Jr.

Texts and Textual Criticism

Is the Received Text Based on a Few Late Manuscripts? David Cloud
The Lord Gave the Word. Malcolm H. Watts PDF
Textual Criticism is Drawn From the Wells of Infidelity. David Cloud

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